Terms and Conditions

MY ADULT AFFAIR (web and mobile application) and its services are part of TK WHITE LABEL NETWORK (henceforward "TK NETWORK"), published by the company Teknology Corp.. MY ADULT AFFAIR operates using the entire database on the network or only parts of it. By registering or subscribing the user will become part of TK NETWORK.
The user of MY ADULT AFFAIR can be registered automatically, and receive the email services of other portals from the TK NETWORK.
Conditions to participate, with MY ADULT AFFAIR and being a Member of MY ADULT AFFAIR ,in the development of a responsible Internet and a quality Service. The MY ADULT AFFAIR Member undertakes to comply with these Terms and Conditions. The non-acceptance of these conditions affects unquestionably the subsciption in MY ADULT AFFAIR. Registration for one or more services of MY ADULT AFFAIR and the use of this site, implies full acceptance of these rules by the Member. Clicking on the 'Complete Registration' ( the last step of registration) you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of service and also the privacy policy, and agree to receive via e -mail the services, the messages of other subscribers and the info/adv partners. The Member declares to be fully informed and is bound by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions .
Article 1. Definitions
The following words or expressions bear the following meaning in these Terms and Conditions.
Multi-access dating service for a charge, released by the company Teknology Corp.. Some parts of MY ADULT AFFAIR service can be accessed free of charge whereas other services may be reserved for Members and may be at a fee.
Means of payment to enjoy the services provided by MY ADULT AFFAIR.
Types of contracts, stipulated for the use of the MY ADULT AFFAIR services, according to the modalities of 3 days, weekly, 15 days, monthly, quarterly or annual. Special service packages and offers will also be provided.
The 1 month subscription corresponds to an effective duration of 4 weeks (28 days).
A user who has properly signed up for MY ADULT AFFAIR services, independently of whether he/she pays a subscription fee.
Article 2. Access and signing up for MY ADULT AFFAIR
In order to sign up at this site, you must accept the end-user conditions for using services provided by MY ADULT AFFAIR .

Devices (computers, applications, telecommunication devices, etc.) used to access the Services, as well as telecommunication fees necessary to use them are at the exclusive expense of the Member.
In order to become a member of MY ADULT AFFAIR, one must be at least 18 years of age and fill out all the mandatory fields on the sign-up form. The member guarantees that the information provided is accurate and corresponds to the truth. The member shall immediatly inform MY ADULT AFFAIR of any changes for the information entered during the sign-up process or, if need be make the necessary changes in the personal area under the section 'profile' on the MY ADULT AFFAIR site. That being said we do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by users of the Service, or assume any responsibility to carry out checks to this effect: the user is the solely responsible for the content of profiles, public publications, messages, photos and other material that the user uploads to the Service or for the other users of the Service. If the indispensable conditions are fullfilled at the moment of signing-up, each member can have a nickname and a password for each profile for which a user has been activated.
The user can create and manage multiple personal profiles, but must sign up for a subscription plan for each of the profiles with which it intends to operate within the MY ADULT AFFAIR platform. Usernames and passwords are strictly personal and confidential and should not be disclosed or shared with third parties. MY ADULT AFFAIR will be in no event liable for the loss of identity and / or password by the Members. If the members forget their password, they can make a request by writing to MY ADULT AFFAIR at www.datingbill.ch. MY ADULT AFFAIR will send the password related to the user's nickname, to the e-mail address provided by the user.
Should a Member divulge or use his/her access credentials against their purpose, MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to close the account of the Member without any notice. However, Members have the right to change or edit their password as they wish. MY ADULT AFFAIR's records will keep the last password entered only and the those used in the past will be replaced with the newest one set. Members must confirm the accuracy of the e-mail address provided during the sign-up process by replying to a confirmation e-mail sent by MY ADULT AFFAIR staff. Should a Member fail to reply to the confirmation e-mail in a fortnight after signing up, could not gain access to all the services, and MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to delete the profile. The Member shall be solely responsible for the use of their credentials by third parties or for the actions or statements made through his personal account, whether fraudulent or not. The Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MY ADULT AFFAIR from any claims of third parties with this regards.
MY ADULT AFFAIR does not have the means to ensure the identity of the people registered in its Services, Therefore is not responsible for any misuse of a Member's identity. If the Member has a reason to believe that third parties use their login credentials or their account, has the obligation to immediately inform MY ADULT AFFAIR. If a Member wishes to introduce a friend and provides the relevant data to MY ADULT AFFAIR, it undertakes to obtain from that friend the explicit consent of the personal data processing by MY ADULT AFFAIR, which will be used exclusively to send, in the name and for the account of the Member who has provided their data to MY ADULT AFFAIR, an electronic message to inform him/her about MY ADULT AFFAIR and its Services. The Member is also solely responsible for such MY ADULT AFFAIR friend and of others, and the consequences of transmitting its data to MY ADULT AFFAIR.
Access credentials of Members who have not been using the service may be deleted 6 months after the last valid access to MY ADULT AFFAIR site. Furthermore, MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to deactivate the profiles of Members, who have not replied to the confirmation e-mail sent to the e-mail address that they entered on the registration form, after the first step of the sign-up process, within a period of fifteen days, starting from the date the sign-up confirmation e-mail is sent by MY ADULT AFFAIR system. MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to delete Members' messages 6 months after their send date.
Article 3. Using MY ADULT AFFAIR
3.1 Code of conduct and anonymity
After signing up and paying for the membership fee chosen, the Member can access the available services at MY ADULT AFFAIR. The price and terms of payment of the various services are accessible later on, at the time of viewing and using the services to which the member wishes to register, as well as when viewing and using the related fees. During the usage of these services, the member undertakes to abide by the following rules in particular:
  • Abiding by the laws in vigor and observing third-party rights.
  • DO NOT use MY ADULT AFFAIR for professional, commercial or private purposes (client search, etc.) or for illicit, illegal, immoral, indecent scopes or against public order and policy.
  • Publishing, disclosing or broadcasting exclusively information or content corresponding to the truth, independently of its form.
  • Do not declare or word expressions or divulgate content in any form that violates third party rights or any slanderous, abusive, obscene, pornographic, pedapornographic, offensive, violent or inciting violence, political, racist or xenophobic content and, in general, any content not compliant with the business purpose of MY ADULT AFFAIR, laws in power, public policy, personal rights, moral and protection of minors.
  • Do not communicate any personal information (electronic address, mail address, telephone number, etc.) at MY ADULT AFFAIR site that might allow a Member to contact another Member without having to use MY ADULT AFFAIR.
  • Do not publish, disclose or broadcast information or content in any form that could diminish, disorganize or prevent the regular use of the Services, interrupt and/or slow down the regular transmission of the messages between Members by means of the Services, such as applications, viruses, Trojan horses, sending mass messages (spam), etc. MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to eliminate messages sent by a Member in bulk in order to make sure that other Members can use the services at a proper quality level.
  • Do not publish, disclose or broadcast information or content in any form, which contains advertisement of any kind or links to other websites.
Without prejudice to the provisions of the article 'Termination of the contract', should a Member infringe one or more of these conditions, MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to block the account of the Member concerned, automatically delete the controversial messages or content independently of their nature, prevent the profile of a Member from being published completely or partially and/or block that Member's access to the Services completely or partially, temporarily or definitively, without any compensation or refund and reserves the right to make recourse against the Member concerned. MY ADULT AFFAIR cannot be held liable for false declarations made by a Member. Therefore, we recommend Members to take precaution when meeting other Members. MY ADULT AFFAIR assumes no liability for meetings between Members of MY ADULT AFFAIR, at MY ADULT AFFAIR or during meetings between members and non-members, coming from the use of the MY ADULT AFFAIR site and its related services.

To that matter, MY ADULT AFFAIR reminds its Members that they cannot disclose or divulgate information to other MY ADULT AFFAIR Members at MY ADULT AFFAIR site which can be used to identify them, such as their last name, mail or e-mail address and telephone number. Furthermore, should you want to meet another user whom you have met at MY ADULT AFFAIR, we recommend you to inform a friendly person and choose a public place (cafés, restaurants, etc.).

In order to safeguard and protect its users, MY ADULT AFFAIR has made a service available for protection against the drawbacks of the Internet. Apart from the regular and continuous controls on the quality of the service, we suggest you to follow the classical set of rules below:
  • It is a good idea to get to know each other thoroughly by e-mail before exchanging personal information (telephone number, home or office address).
  • We recommend you to never tell anyone your home address.
  • Should you decide to call someone you've met on the web, it is a good idea to hide your caller ID on your telephone.
  • If you want to stop communicating with someone, let them know immediately and gently, but be determined in doing so.
  • If you think that a profile is fake or you've received an improper message (spam, advertising, vulgar or racist statements, false statements) from a user click on the 'report user' link to report them.
  • Should you decide to meet one of the persons that you are in contact with on-line, ask them to send you a photograph.
  • Suggest or accept a meeting only if you feel completely comfortable with the person you'd like to meet.
  • Choose a public and crowded place to meet.
  • If you do not have your own car, make arrangements so that you can go back home independently.
  • Inform a friend or relative of the meeting and tell them what time you should be back home.
You should follow these 'set of rules', because in the immense labyrinth of the Internet, new opportunities allow users to remain anonymous and usually a question arises spontaneously: 'How can I try it without running any risks?' MY ADULT AFFAIR guarantees quality and safety, but feels obliged to give its members the best advice, given that the rules to follow are very simple and some of which are even common place. A little bit of confidentiality and privacy requires that you should not disclose too much personal information before getting to know new acquaintances thoroughly and consolidating friendships; besides, the charm of discovering a person little by little is surely more enticing! To accomplish this and to guarantee a very high degree of success, MY ADULT AFFAIR has created a special service for its users. The additional, free service that MY ADULT AFFAIR provides to its members men and women, gives the ability to call at any time at www.datingbill.ch where qualified persons may, in the case of specific request, advise the best mode of behavior in certain situations. This group of experts will answer questions and give explanations to keep MY ADULT AFFAIR users always protected and secured and to always keep them fully satisfied! With this additional service will be given the opportunity to make public any kind of report or complaint that any member wishes to make.
3.2 Signing up and using the services
At MY ADULT AFFAIR website, users may or may not use a nickname to create their profile. The requested e-mail address won't be disclosed to other users. Further contacts will be done using internal services. The member's identity will always remain protected, as long as the member decides not to disclose it to other members.
Signing up for the portal is strictly reserved to adult users and it is completely free of charge. Members can purchase a subscription and contact other members of the service offered by MY ADULT AFFAIR.
The portal may contain fake profiles created and controlled by the website with which it is not possible to arrange real encounters. The reason for such profiles being on the portal is therefore that of entertaining the user for promotional purposes and other reasons.
Members can opt for the type of subscription that best satisfies their needs and purchase products available at that moment by paying with a credit card.
MY ADULT AFFAIR allows its Members to consult the files of other people who are also members of MY ADULT AFFAIR. MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to charge different fees or offer free access to some categories of subscribers or during particular promotions that might be offered. In any case, the prices and means of payment of the different services can be viewed at MY ADULT AFFAIR site any time and, at the latest, while viewing and using the Services that the Member wants to subscribe for, as well as while viewing and using the corresponding fees.
VIP-PASS 3 months90.00 USD
VIP-PASS 6 months138.00 USD
VIP-PASS 12 months180.00 USD
VIP-PASS 3 days4.99 USD
3.3 Automatic renewal of the membership
The purchase of an internet subscription by credit card is automatically renewed for the period of time previously chosen, unless the subscriber cancels it. Cancellation is carried out following the procedure indicated in the "Settings " / "Status " section or, in case of purchase through EPOCH, by clicking this link.

  • Not later than 24 hours prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a 3 days subscription;
  • Not later than 48 hours prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a 7 days subscription;
  • Not later than 5 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a 15 days subscription;
  • Not later than 7 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a monthly subscription;
  • Not later than 15 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a quarterly subscription;
  • Not later than 30 days prior to the subscription expiry, in case of a semestral subscription;
  • Not later than 60 days before the subscription expiry, in case of an annual subscription.
The promotional packages of 3,7 or 15 days purchased by credit card, will be automatically renewed with the three-month package, in case there won't be a cancellation request from the subscriber within the above mentioned terms.
The promotional package of 7 days purchased through Epoch, will be automatically renewed with the monthly package, in case there won't be a cancellation request from the subscriber within the above mentioned terms.
Nevertheless, if, for any reason, MY ADULT AFFAIR (in the absence of notice of the member in the terms listed below) were not able to make the renewal of one of the subscription options described, it will proceed to transact the corresponding sum to the "monthly cost" for the subscription duration.The "monthly cost", which you can see when you select the subscription formula, is given from the total subscription amount divided by the number of months (e.g. for the 6-month subscription: it is Total subscription cost divided by 6).Therefore the subscription will be renewed on monthly basis.
Please remember that, as specified in article 1, "The 1 month subscription corresponds to an effective duration of 4 weeks (28 days)"
In this specific case the unscubscription will be done:
  • Not later than 7 days before the subscription expiry, in case of a monthly subscription.
Note: you must include your nickname, password and e-mail address, otherwise your cancellation request will be void, since we will not be able to authenticate the identity of the user.Therefore, the member accepts and authorizes the administration of MY ADULT AFFAIR to automatically renew the membership - and conseguently charge the sum due using the method of payment chosen by the member while purchasing the type of subscription - unless the member cancels the membership within the deadlines and according to the modalities listed above.
3.4 Refund policy

In the event you disagree with any charge made to your account, you agree to contact us at www.datingbill.ch or clicking support, prior to making a formal notification to your bank or credit card company

If you do not raise any justified objections no later than six weeks after the amount has been debited, the charged or invoiced costs shall be deemed as approved.

The right of withdrawal, if required by law, is applicable in accordance with your national legislation.

Article 4. Termination of contract and elimination of profile
Once the Member rescinds from the contract, MY ADULT AFFAIR shall retain any amount already paid for unused parts of premium memberships and fees, without prejudice to the provisions of art. 3, under paragraph 'cancellation of automatic renewal of membership'.
Without prejudice to the other provisions of these rules, in case of breach of this Regulation by the User, MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to suspend or terminate the registration of the contract without notice or refund and /or undertake legal action against the User.
Such resolution will have full effect, without prejudice to MY ADULT AFFAIR's rights to take legal action against the member or his/her assignors to claim for identification for any damage suffered as a conseguence of the improper use of the service. The member will be informed of the termination or of the confirmation of the termination of his/her account by e-mail. Data pertaining to the member will be destroyed immediately after he/she makes an express request or by the deadline foreseen by Swiss laws concerning the conservation of personal information.
Article 5. Responsibility and warranty
5.1 Information and content provided by Members
  • The data provided by a MY ADULT AFFAIR Member must be accurate and correspond to the truth. The Member is exclusively liable for the consequences to the Member's and/or other Members' lives arising from divulgating them.
  • MY ADULT AFFAIR cannot be held liable for the correctness or imprecision of the information and the content provided by Members and/or visitors of the site and/or the Member and consequences arising from them. Likewise, MY ADULT AFFAIR cannot be held liable for the contents divulgated by a Member that might breach the rights of one or more other Members or third parties.
    Should MY ADULT AFFAIR be held liable for the violation of the obligations arising from the law in vigor and these Terms and Conditions by a Member, the Member shall seek to keep MY ADULT AFFAIR unharmed from and indemnify MY ADULT AFFAIR for any claim.
5.2 Functioning of MY ADULT AFFAIR site and relative services
The Member must have the applications and make the necessary settings for MY ADULT AFFAIR to function correctly: browser IE6 or higher, activating JavaScript functions, receiving of session cookies and accepting to view pop-up windows. MY ADULT AFFAIR does not guarantee that the services can be used if the Member uses a pop-up window blocking utility. In that case, this function will have to be deactivated before using MY ADULT AFFAIR. Furthermore, the Member must have the competences, tools and applications necessary to use the Internet and, if need be, Internet and telephone services, and acknowledge that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet allow him to guarantee the protection, availability and integrity of data transmission over the Internet. Under these terms,
MY ADULT AFFAIR does not guarantee that the services will function without interruption or error. In particular, their use may be temporarily interrupted for maintenance, upgrades , technical improvement, or modification of the content of its mode of presentation. When possible, MY ADULT AFFAIR will inform its Members prior to maintenance work or updates. AOL, Safari - Mac users, due to the specifics of their Internet browser, may encounter operating problems. MY ADULT AFFAIR will not be responsible in any case of failure due to the connection using this access provider. Moreover, MY ADULT AFFAIR shall not be held responsible for any malfunctions, inability to access or bad conditions of use of the site MY ADULT AFFAIR due to unsuitable equipment, dysfunctions internal to access supplier, the network traffic and any other reason beyond the control MY ADULT AFFAIR .

At sign up, members will be requested to fill out an introductory survey to understand their personality profile. This information and other personal informations will be stored in MY ADULT AFFAIR's database and can be compared against the information of other MY ADULT AFFAIR members using an algorithm property of MY ADULT AFFAIR in order to find matches based on the compatibility of two members. After the information contained in a members profile is compared to the information of all other members stored in the database, he/she will receive a list of users who may be compatible.

Members may comunicate with other service users after purchasing a subscription, with automatic renewal option active, pursuant to item 3.3

The global responsibility of MY ADULT AFFAIR is limited to the amount actually paid by the Member for the service involved in a violation. MY ADULT AFFAIR cannot be held liable for indirect damages suffered by the Member under any circumstance, and in particular, for loss of data, damages to the image, reputation, etc. (also for the copies) or registrations done by the Member, since the Member is responsible for making backup copies.
5.3 Links
The MY ADULT AFFAIR site or third parties can include links or other websites, different from the MY ADULT AFFAIR site, or other Internet sources.
MY ADULT AFFAIR site or third parties could include hypertext links to other web sites or other Internet sources other than MY ADULT AFFAIR site. Since MY ADULT AFFAIR cannot control those sites and outside sources, it cannot be held liable for their availability, content, advertisements, products and services or any other element available in or starting from those sites or external sources. Any dysfunction regarding a link must be communicated to the administrator or the webmaster of the site concerned Consulting and/or using those sites and external sources are governed by their specific end-user conditions. If the result of research conducted on the MY ADULT AFFAIR site takes the Member to access sites, pages or forums whose title and / or content is a violation of applicable laws, the Member must cease consultation of the site. Otherwise it will be considered responsible for his actions, since MY ADULT AFFAIR is not.
Article 6. Agreement between the Member and MY ADULT AFFAIR
These Terms and Conditions and the MY ADULT AFFAIR pages mentioned in these regulations constitute the contract that governs the relationship between the Member and MY ADULT AFFAIR. They replace and override all previous provisions that have not been expressly written or attached and constitute the set of rights and obligations of MY ADULT AFFAIR and the Member.
Article 7. Report abusive users
MY ADULT AFFAIR ensures the seriousness and correctness of its services by offering to its customers the commitment to review the profiles, making sure that no fake user acts in the websites. The MY ADULT AFFAIR service aims to ensure the terms and conditions and to esclude from the service any person who, after being subscribed to the policy, acts in violation of it. If you think that a profile may be fake or if you receive messages from other users that are spam, advertising, vulgar, threatening or invitations to use pay phone numbers and things similar to that, please report it by clicking on the "Segnala utente" link present on the profile of the user you wish to report.
Article 8. Banned users
Whenever MY ADULT AFFAIR users do not follow these terms and conditions, or whetever anomalies in the use of the service are found or reported, the dedicated personal will run a verification process that could lead to the inclusion of the improper behaving user in the 'Banned' list. Whenever a user is included in the banned users list, at his first attempt to log-in, the following message will appear: 'you have been banned for violating the MY ADULT AFFAIR terms and conditions'. The banned user will not be able to access the website. The banned user may contact the staff at the following address www.datingbill.ch to ask for explanations and maybe report the error. If the error occurs from the staff, you will be immediately rehabilitated, otherwise these users will be permanently deleted after 15 days by the inclusion in this category.
Article 9. Changes to MY ADULT AFFAIR or of Terms and Conditions
MY ADULT AFFAIR reserves the right to change or have the pages of the MY ADULT AFFAIR site, Services, their price and applicable Terms and Conditions changed at any time. These modifications will be effective as of when they will be online on the site of MY ADULT AFFAIR, except for the right of any Member to rescind from the contract in case they do not accept the changes made and cancel his/her membership with MY ADULT AFFAIR. In case the Member does not exercise his/her right of rescission, it is assumed that the Member has accepted these changes and continues to use MY ADULT AFFAIR site or its Services. Therefore, the Members are invited to consult the version which is constantly online on the site. If a Member is online and connected to the site, it means that he/she has fully accepted any revision or amendment to these regulations.
Article 10. Applicable jurisdiction – choosing the jurisdiction
These conditions of use are governed, interpreted and applied in compliance with Swiss laws in vigor. The resolution of any dispute regarding these norms, including and not limited to, their validity, interpretation, execution and/or resolution and relative consequences will be by unanimous agreement and unquestionably remitted to the court of Manno.
Article 11. Who are we
MY ADULT AFFAIR has been created by Teknology Corp. c/o Grassi&Co CPAS PC 488 Madison Ave 21st FL, 10022, New York City, UNITED STATES. MY ADULT AFFAIR can be contacted by electronic mail. For further information, contact MY ADULT AFFAIR,
  • Service supplier:
    Teknology Corp.
  • Contacts:
  • Photo gallery:
    fotolia.com, stockphoto.com
  • Address and Commercial Register:
    Teknology Corp., c/o Grassi&Co CPAS PC 488 Madison Ave 21st FL, 10022, New York City, UNITED STATES - Director: G. Cerutti
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